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Welcome to Safeaty: the food safety management revolution designed for your business that's just a click away.

Safeaty is a state-of-the-art system designed to simplify food safety plans.

It has been developed to guarantee solidity, effectiveness but at the same time dynamism and speed in the flow of information related to the Food sector.

As a revolutionary system for the creation and management of food safety plans, it is modular, scalable and user-friendly and makes customisation its strong point by enabling the operator to create and modify the system as needed.

Centralised management through a single dashboard allows multiple production sites to be managed simultaneously in real time by displaying planned and completed activities, and any non-conformities. All this is done paperlessly, so that companies are freed from the burden of paper documents while at the same time still being able to print out any documents as and when required.

The system improves and speeds up on-site operator functions while still providing higher-level off-site check and audit management and analysis, together with training and advice on company activities. It also improves interactions with regulators via plan revision traceability and its ability to provide specific, precise information on the company's business at any point in time. Based on the ISO 22000 model, the system can be aligned with BRC and IFS, being structured for integration with IoT (T°, pH etc)-based detection systems and ready to share data by using blockchain technology.

The recipients of our products and services:

Food industry and distribution:

Solutions and modules designed for the food production and distribution business based on the planning of prerequisites, risk assessment, concrete and speedy management of production tasks and multi-site business management. Aligned with ISO/BRC/IFS


Both individual points of sale and chain stores can benefit from the Safeaty solution, which offers reliable, functional and customised solutions.

Public and private sector organisations:

Regional Government, Producers and Protection Consortia, Agencies and Government and Supervisory Structures in the food sector.


The Safeaty Solution allows an evaluation system based on uniform, comparable information to be created, thus objectively defining the overall standard of product hygiene and process reliability, as well as constantly verifying product hygiene levels.

Facilitates the application of HACCP procedures and is compatible with ISO 22000/BRC/IFS standards, thus amplifying the success of control methodologies.


Thanks to the Designer module, the operator can define the prerequisites, using video-design for the various production areas and their risk levels on the plant floor plan.

For each FSSM prerequisite, it is possible to indicate the characteristics: type of ventilation, cleaning mode, weed control systems, etc. and the monitoring mode: procedures, parameters, frequency, etc.

All main prerequisites are provided for: cleaning, water and electricity supply, air control, waste disposal, equipment maintenance, cleaning and sanitisation, personnel hygiene, packaging materials, air conditioning, etc. and, for each one of these, the management of particular aspects and monitoring plans.


On the basis of the control activities, SCM makes it possible to prepare different programmes. Operators receive alerts on monitoring activities and their outcome on their mobile device. The resulting data collected is then sent to the central system.

Critical Control Points

The Designer module also defines the Critical Control Points (CCPs), connecting them through several nodes with the monitoring systems. Critical limits are also indicated and any breaches are reported electronically to the FSSM operator for analysis in each individual case.

Verification Console

All information on monitoring activities is collected and sent to the central system. Appropriate verification consoles and specific control "agents" detect all faults found and all checks not carried out.

Operator Training

Training activities for operators are also fully monitored. For each role and position, the necessary skills and the type of training are defined. The course schedule manages training needs over time.


Safeaty's smart sensors enable real-time wireless monitoring and recording of temperatures under a variety of conditions, ranging from extreme temperature conditions to mobility situations.

Automatic temperature monitoring
  • Sensors can be installed and relocated anywhere
  • 24-hour real-time monitoring
  • Automatic reporting in case of readings outside set limits
  • Independent setting of reporting times
  • Reduces errors in manual readings
  • Reset manual reading times

A team of change agents and thinkers on the future of food.

The system has been designed and developed by different professionals. We have accepted the challenge of multidisciplinarity by involving a variety of resources and skills including teachers and specialists in food safety in the public and private sector, researchers, computer scientists and management experts.

The result is the creation of a series of cutting-edge technological solutions and services, software, training, services and content with high added value in food safety controls.

Department of Veterinary Sciences - University of Pisa

Prestigious teaching and research centre, always innovation-driven and with a multidisciplinary approach to the food sector. Collaborates with prestigious national and international research institutions and public and private organisations involved in food safety.


A leading company in the web solutions market providing ICT systems and cutting-edge solutions for the European private market. Food safety IT solutions provider with numerous customers operating in the food production and distribution market

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  • Development, review, implementation and customisation of systems to reach and meet the needs of individual businesses.
  • Technical support: a multidisciplinary team that supports the company with on-site and remote coaching and assistance to optimise achievement of the company's objectives.
  • Audit, consulting and training activities carried out on site or remotely.